Master of Advanced Studies in

Tall Building Design

II edition - 2022/2023

Tall Building Design


The goal of the Master of Advanced Studies in Tall Building Design, which is a Postgraduate Specialisation Programme offered by the University Iuav of Venice, is to boost the professional career of postgraduate architects and engineers. By learning processes and culture, the Programme Participants will acquire the mindset and skills needed to work in large architectural/engineering practices and deal with the various aspects of the design of complex buildings such as tall buildings. This is possible thanks to the high professional profile of the teaching staff and lecturers involved in the Programme. Accordingly, the Programme is divided into four modules, as described below, that reflect a progressive approach to professional activity. The final module consists of an internship period at international design offices, where the Programme Participants will dive into the challenges of designing tall, large, and complex buildings.

The Basic module will provide a general introduction to tall buildings, analyzing the role that this building type has now and had historically. The first module will also show how large practices work, how they procure new projects, and the basic tools needed for new staff to merge into a larger team.

Participants will be then provided with the necessary skills to face and manage the technical aspects related to the design of tall buildings. The Advanced module will be taught by professionals routinely involved in tall building projects internationally: the design of the facades, structural systems, MEP, vertical transportation, etc. Contemporarily, the development of a tall building project will be carried-out by the participants. The Studio module is conceived as a multi-disciplinary design studio, where the Participants will work with a guide architect and consultants. The scope is for all the disciplines to gather in one single project, and for the architect to be the specialist that steers the project team.

During the final Practice module, the Participants will spend an internship period (for a minimum of 320 hours) in an international design firm. The internship is at the end of the Programme and, in many cases, it will extend beyond its scheduled conclusion, potentially turning into a full-time job.