Here you can find the latest updates about the Tall Building Design postgraduate specialization program:

2021 DECEMBER 17

Last week’s Autodesk Revit exercises have been reviewed by Architect Denis Mior and new ones have been proposed.

2021 DECEMBER 10

Professor Elena Giacomello discussed about greenery technologies and Bosco Verticale by giving the lecture “Greenery Systems on Buildings and Tall Buildings

Engineer Luca Papaiz, Head of Technology and Innovation at Pellini SpA, held the lecture “Dynamic Transparence“.


Architect Denis Mior continued to deepen the BIM topic, and the first exercise with Autodesk Revit has begun.

2021 November 26

Architect Denis Mior, CEO and Founder of Square Solutions, introduced the BIM topic by giving the lecture “What is BIM?

Professor Dario Trabucco held the lecture: “Skyscrapers: Evolution of Tall Buildings.

2021 November 19

Professor Dario Trabucco talked about skyscrapers and their characteristics (height, area, etc.) by holding the lecture: “What is a Tall Building? Trends and Markets“.

2021 November 13

Professor Carol Willis held the lecture: “Skyscrapers: Global Adoption“.

2021 November 12

The program schedule and organization has been introduced by professor Dario Trabucco, with the support of Paolo Zilli, associate director at Zaha Hadid Architects. 

Professor Carol Willis held two lectures: “Origin Stories: New York and Chicago” and “Skyscrapers: American Invention“.

2021 November 11

The Tall Building Design postgraduate specialization program has been officially launched!

Iuav representatives professors Giuseppe D’Acunto and Francesco Musco, the sponsors of the program and other important guests such as professor Aldo Norsa and architect Paolo Zilli took part in the kickoff meeting event led by professor Dario Trabucco during the morning.

In the afternoon, the first lecture of the master program “Skyscraper History: Past, Present, & Future” has been held by Carol Willis, professor at the Columbia State University and director of the Skyscraper Museum.