Thanks to the support of some Sponsors, there are currently available 25 scholarships to partially offset the Programme tuition fees:

  • 8 scholarships worth 3.000€ (50% off on the tuition fees)
  • 9 scholarships worth 2.000€ (33% reduction on the tuition fees)
  • 8 scholarships worth 1.000€ (16% off).

To participate in the Scholarships assignment, candidates have to submit one ISO A1 (841mm x 594mm) in size and oriented to the landscape (i.e., horizontal) format. 

A short text in English (100 words) can be included in the A1 board to describe the project. The board must be saved as a .pdf file in high-resolution (max. 200dpi). The PDF file must not exceed 20Mb. The file must be named as: 2021TBD_SurnameName.pdf

The board must present a design project (not necessarily a tall building) for a building with a high level of complexity. The project must have been developed by the Candidates at an advanced level of definition during the course of their regular study, or specifically for this application. The board must be conceived to enhance and show the candidate’s ability to manage large-scale projects, as well to demonstrate skills in the use of design software.

The Scholarships will be assigned on the basis of the singular topics identified by the Jury responsible for the evaluation process. Projects submitted by the candidates must refer to at least one of the topics listed below:


is ideal for innovative, cutting-edge
architectural expressions. 

The scholarships funded by ArcelorMittal, Fondazione Promozione Acciaio* and Vanoli Ferro will be assigned to candidates whose project board highlights the characteristics of steel and the advantages of construction in metal carpentry, under the architectural profile, technical-structural, application, economic, and environmental sustainability. The object of the proposal must concern the use of steel in the construction of multi-storey buildings.

*The scholarships funded by Fondazione Promozione Acciaio are reserved exclusively for Italian citizens who have obtained a master's degree from an Italian university.


is the most visible and representative
element of buildings. 

Facade design plays a significant role in creating inspiring architecture, but also in responding to the performance requirements of the building end-users, and the building energy efficiency and sustainability labelling.  The scholarships funded by AGC, Pellini and Porcelanosa will be assigned to candidates whose project board highlights their attention to the design of façade elements, maximizing their capacity to respond to user requirements in terms of transparency, comfort, shading possibilities, sustainability, noise reduction, etc.


through advanced design software is essential
for safety and sustainability.

Technologies such as BIM are assuming an increasingly central and strategic role in the management of complex projects, allowing higher coordination between disciplines and experts involved in the design. The scholarships funded by SAJO and Hilti will be assigned to candidates whose project boards highlight their use to implement and better manage the distinct aspects of design, including safety (in all phases of project development) and sustainability, understood as the control of environmental impacts due to the design choices adopted.

The application must be submitted online as indicated in the Guidelines, within the Iuav Enrollment Procedures.

To be guided into a step-by-step enrollment procedure, please contact us.

3 scholarships

3 scholarships

3 scholarships

1 scholarship