To partially offset the tuition fee, the Sponsors of the Programme offer:

12 scholarships worth 2.000€ each 

To participate in the Scholarships assignment, candidates have to submit one ISO A1 (841mm x 594mm) in size and oriented to the landscape (i.e., horizontal) format. 

A short text in English (100 words) can be included in the A1 board to describe the project. The board must be saved as a .pdf file in high-resolution (max. 200dpi) not exceeding 20Mb. The file shall be named as: 2022TBD_SurnameName.pdf

The board needs to present a design project (not necessarily a tall building) for a building with a high level of complexity. The project could have been developed by the Candidates at an advanced level of definition during the course of their regular study, or specifically for this application. The board should be conceived to enhance and show the candidate’s ability to manage large-scale projects, as well to demonstrate skills in the use of design software.

The board must be sent via WeTransfer directly to Servizio Alta Formazione: 

To be guided into a step-by-step enrollment procedure, please contact us.